Anti-semitism: it is time to listen, reflect and learn

The issue of anti-semitism on the left has to be taken seriously. I do not believe that the Labour Party or even the left of the Labour Party is any worse than the rest of society or any other political party. But I do believe that members of the Labour Party have a special responsibility becauseContinue reading “Anti-semitism: it is time to listen, reflect and learn”

On the EU, the Single Market and the Labour Party

The result of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum on 23rd June 2016 resulted in 51.89 per cent of the electorate voting to leave. I voted remain. The terms of the referendum stated clearly that the government would act on whatever the outcome of the referendum was. There continue to be arguments about whetherContinue reading “On the EU, the Single Market and the Labour Party”

The Labour Party’s radical vision for education: the opportunity of a lifetime

The Labour Party offers a bold and radical vision for the future of education. Here, I look at the economics and consider the possiblities

The real opposition

It is the first time in my life that the UK Labour Party has been a genuine opposition party and prepared to govern to bring about reforms to the economy and to society. Against the backdrop of troubles across the world, it is cause for hope. Since the 1960s, we have been living under increasing financial deregulation. Banks,Continue reading “The real opposition”

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