Email from a school leader about the New Right 2.0 article

Hi Steven, Please can I congratulate you on your article. I am sure you are going to be deluged by negativity from the “trads” you mention. As a partisan senior leader just trying to do the best for my pupils, I have to tell you how reassuring your article has been for me. I haveContinue reading “Email from a school leader about the New Right 2.0 article”

In support of ‘trad’ educational micropopulism (mostly)

Yes, there has been some utter guff drivelling out of university schools of education in recent decades. Weakly conceptualised research, ideas and approaches that have little empirical justification and spurious ideology. I completely agree with the traditionalist using a grassroots social media-based activist base to challenge this. I was, as a teacher, subject to theContinue reading “In support of ‘trad’ educational micropopulism (mostly)”

It all kicked off on Twitter after I posted a journal article

Did I see that coming? Well, possibly, but I didn’t consciously set out to provoke such a Twitter response when I posted a link to my most recent academic publication on social media. Within a few hours of my article, New Right 2.0: Teacher populism on social media in England, being published by the BritishContinue reading “It all kicked off on Twitter after I posted a journal article”

A global empirical research project from my front room

I am a prisoner in the new zombie apocalypse. Yes, I am being alarmist once again. I am isolating myself because of COVID-19 or coronavirus. The clocks have gone forward. My computers and devices all managed to update themselves to one hour hence and adjust to British Summer TIme. My central heating system and cookerContinue reading “A global empirical research project from my front room”

The pubs have shut

With a friend we broke the social distancing protocol to go to the pub before they closed as ordered by government. In the pub there were a small band of people, some of them committed drinkers, an understandably miserable landlord and staff. Who knows how long it will be shut? The temporary end of theContinue reading “The pubs have shut”

When there is no sense to be made

Of late I have been reading Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities. A considerable novel of some 1200 pages, set in Vienna in 1913. The Man Without Qualities’ central theme marks the end of the Austrian empire in crisis. Not necessarily the wholesale slaughter and violence that was to follow in the First World War,Continue reading “When there is no sense to be made”

the paradox of objects

One of the most profound and ironically the most trivial philosophical experiences happened to me in about 1994. At Wolfson College, it was at a particularly difficult time for me in my own mental health. But a period that was particularly enriching personally, creatively and intellectually. I was sat on the steps outside Wolfson CollegeContinue reading “the paradox of objects”

Cybernetic realism

Before I became interested in cybernetics, my research had been – through accident rather than intention – broadly moving toward Critical Realism. This is and was primarily through reflexivity. Reflexivity, as a word, has its first usage in late medieval/ Early Modern English history. Early usage is material and refers to physical phenomena. That somethingContinue reading “Cybernetic realism”

Philosophical clownery of late modernity (pt2?)

It is still up for grabs. Whether we are at an ephocal change or not. Whether we can consider ourselves to be in late modernity or not. The clown, though, is the chief agitator of modernity. The idea of the fool is evident in classical culture, and according to common knowledge and backed up byContinue reading “Philosophical clownery of late modernity (pt2?)”