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Welcome to my blog – which serves a range of purposes, from musings to reporting preliminary research findings. I am interested in teachers, teachers’ professional learning, classroom practice, schools, privatisation, education economics and politics. I come from this having been a maths teacher in state schools in challenging settings. Currently I am reading about affect, posthumanism and embodied cognition.

I am a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge (my Faculty webpage is here). I joined the Faculty in 2013. I supervise graduate students (PhD, EdD, MPhil, MEd). I am also involved in initial teacher education (Secondary Mathematics PGCE).

I am always keen to hear from people interested in doing a PhD or training to be a teacher.


I worked as a mathematics teacher in Lincolnshire schools, between 2001 and 2010, after which I was lucky enough to get a funded PhD at the University of Nottingham supervised by Malcolm Swan, Andy Noyes and Hugh Burkhardt. The research was funded by the Shell Centre, Nottingham. My thesis presents a mixed-methods evaluation of professional development materials in four mathematics departments in the East Midlands. As well as evaluating the professional development, I also reviewed and developed professional learning theory, where I introduced Social Cognitive Theory as a way of integrating social and psychological aspects of learning. This continues to be an area of interest in my research.

steve-watson-1997_webPreviously I have worked in telecommunication cabling, retail sales and various other things. I once sold Richard Stilgoe 11 yards of the William Morris designed Strawberry Thief cotton curtain material when I worked at Liberty’s. I also worked as a shepherd for nine months in Scourie in Sutherland.

If you would like to contact me my email is sw10014@cam.ac.uk.


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