Email from a school leader about the New Right 2.0 article

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Hi Steven,

Please can I congratulate you on your article. I am sure you are going to be deluged by negativity from the “trads” you mention.

As a partisan senior leader just trying to do the best for my pupils, I have to tell you how reassuring your article has been for me.

I have only recently re-joined twitter out of a misguided paranoia that I was “missing out” and hence becoming left behind on the best methodologies/ ideas of how to meet my goal of doing the best I can for my students.

After only a few weeks I have quickly noticed a decline in my own self worth and overall mental health. A constant feeling of thinking I have no idea what I am doing unless I read, X,Y Z quickly became embedded.
The people who I was following were some of the best known “trads”. I was astounded by the authority and absolute certainty from which they spoke. Oh to only have half the number of answers and confidence of them!

I feel that within teaching there is a neurosis that pervades every teacher, which is paradoxically what actually makes a good teacher. I refer to it as the “not good enough gene”. We are constantly striving to improve and ensure we meet the needs of all students no matter how inconceivable that may be.

I have come to the conclusion over the last few weeks that these people prey on this quality for self promotion and profiteering. How many books have these people sold? How much money have they made?
I wish I had the time to write as prolifically as they do, and keep up with my workload to a standard with which I am happy.

Anyway, one thing I am grateful for, is that these people have signposted me to your article in their outrage and this is the one thing I have read that I can say I whole heartedly agree with.

All #edutwitter has done is make me once again reaffirm my commitment to remove myself from these platforms as even in these so called professional communities the damage to mental health far outweighs the positives. This is my conclusion in regards to all social media, and so once again  today I will delete my account. An account I actually only set up to just read information and not Interact, which even this has done more harm to me than good.

Thank you for your work and wisdom.Feel free to show this to whomever you wish  if it aids you in any way.

Kindest regards
Dawn Johnson
Vice Principal Sandymoor Ormiston Academy

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