Into the VAK uum

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This is a response to Peter, but also some more general points about VAK and learning styles.


I acknowledge that there is much evidence that using VAK learning styles is not that useful in schools. However, the evidence is equivocal. Most importantly, there is so much more to learning theory. If then, as it has been claimed, VAK is still in use schools, then the solution would be, over a period of time, to encourage teachers to participate in PD with an emphasis on learning theory (I do that, for a fee, perching! :)). In my experience, even starting with VAK is a useful way of developing a sophisticated perspective on learning, through dialogue over cases and examples.

A further point – that I so humorously raised in my previous blog – let’s get this into perspective.  There are some really critical issues in education, in schools. VAK just ain’t the end of the world. I fear that those that make it so have another agenda and a point to make (perhaps more on this to follow). VAK makes me cringe too, but it is not as damaging as other aspects of our education system  (again see my previous blog to see my priorities here).

A final point: what is really helpful is for teachers to be able to clinically analyse the learning they observe in the classroom. That is the fundamental nature of (formative) assessment. To be able to observe, analyse, diagnose and develop tasks and activities. I disapprove of a model that is simply about implementing a proven programme or method. There is so much more to being a professional teacher.



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