The Book of Intervention

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The last time I went to a general practitioner, I had a minor ailment. I described my symptoms, he reached for a large ocatavo soft-bound book. He thumbed through it, selected a page, ran his finger down the first column, then the second, he flipped a page or two until he was satisfied that he had matched my symptoms to a pharmaceutical. He wrote me a prescription and I went home via the chemists.


I imagined I was a teacher. I was sat with my class of year 10s. They found maths difficult, most had not been successful in maths through school. They were adding fractions. One student was having difficulty adding fractions. I didn’t know what to do. But I went into my teacher’s desk and I whipped out my copy of the Book of Intervention. I thumbed through until I found the section on low-attaining year 10 fractions. I ran my fingers down the two-column page. I flipped over the page, ran my finger down the next page, then the next. I soon found a recommended intervention. I just knew it would work because all interventions in the Book of Intervention had been scientifically tested.


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