Training Blog

13 Mar 2014

Training session didn’t go well, huh?

We all have those days, when everything just feels off. It’s important to take a step back and remember that not every session will be great, not every session will be as smooth as the last. What is important however is that you stick with it and go through the tough sessions whenever they may […]

3 Mar 2014

Which squat is right for you?

When I first started lifting weights a year ago, I always included my lower body into my routine, I didn’t want to be known as that guy who skipped leg day because it was tough, or the one who thinks that having larger than average leg muscles wasn’t as important as having bigger biceps or […]

20 Jan 2014

My injury

If you follow my workout log on, you will notice that I do not bench press or shoulder press using free-weights i.e. barbells and/or dumbbells. What happened? The reason for this is because I have what’s called a broken scaphoid bone in my left wrist. I picked up this injury whilst playing as a […]

10 Jan 2014

Deadlift PR!

Finally! I have ticked off another goal that I had set up for myself when I started lifting. I trained legs in the gym yesterday evening and after 5 sets of squats I managed to pull a new PR of 140kg (315lbs) x 1. Video of my PR is below (sorry for the blurry quality, […]

8 Jan 2014

My current split

In the 11 months that I have been lifting I have probably done about 3 different routines, this is most probably why my gains have been slower than I first expected. The ‘Bro-Split’ When I first started lifting back in February 2013, I started out with the typical bodybuilder ‘bro-split‘. A split that consists of […]